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LOV's Upcoming Events!!


January Events

February Events

March Events

March 13th - 15th - St. Patty's Day weekend

April Events

17th - 19th  - Viking Jewelry making and cooking lessons

19th - 26th - Rosemalers; Anyone with basic stroke knowledge is welcome!!

24th - 26th - Rosemaling & Woodcarving Lessons by Al and Linda Miller

May Events

1st - 3rd - LOV golf and Kubb Tournaments
Whether you can golf or not, you are welcome to join in. It is also the Kentucky Derby Weekend to watch the race and cheer for your favorite stallion.

To make Reservations at LOV contact Bev at 570 461 3500 or vikingland@tds.net

Thank you so much for your support of the Land of the Vikings

29th - 31st - 3D Youth Camp Campers Reunion

June Events

26th - 28th - Ellen and Bob Presents "Lobster Fest" at the LOV affair


July Events


August Events


September Events


October Events


November Events




*** Remember you are welcome to join the activities on any weekend, as long as there are rooms available.

                                        -The LOV Board


To make Reservations at LOV contact Bev at 570 461 3500 or vikingland@tds.net. 
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Karen Olsen-Helmold
LOV 300 Chairperson
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Land of the Vikings
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