*****Because of Restrictions - Norden Lodge will now Conduct our meeting Via Zoom *****

*** Meeting Day and Times may vary***


Keep your 👀's and 👂's open for the latest emails and calling posts for upcoming meeting and updates



Norden Lodge's upcoming Meetings


2021 Meeting Dates

Practice Zoom Meeting

Sunday March 21st - 1pm - 3pm 
We will be conducting a 2 hour practice meeting for anyone who is not aware on how to use zoom to join our upcoming meetings.

2 of our officers, Chuck and Steve will be online in the meeting to assist anyone.

Chuck Gottilla - 631-412-3361

Steven Helmold 516-935-0751

Any questions, you can email us at Nordenlodge407@gmail.com

Norden Lodge Meeting

Friday March 26th @ 7pm - Zoom Meeting

Friday April 23rd @ 7pm - Zoom Meeting

Saturday May 22nd / Rain date Sunday May 23rd @ 1pm- St. Peters Church (Back Lawn) - This meeting is being held OUTSIDE in the back of the Church.

Bring your own refreshments/food and chairs!! Hope to see everyone there!!

Saturday June 26th  / Rain date Sunday 27th @ 1pm -  Outside meeting in the back of St. Peters Church



***Watch out for your email with the latest Zoom meeting invites for the upcoming meetings***

These invites will be separate from our newsletter.

***If you accidentally deleted your email and need the Zoom meeting information, Please contact one of our officers for details***



Other Activities in our Lodge and Zone!

May 16 –Picnic at Nansen Lodge on Staten Island by the17th of May Parade Committee (See page 3 of Newsletter for more details)
Covid risk has left little activity. However, times they are a changing stay tuned – Get in the game, let’s hear from you!





For more information regarding any of these events, just contact:
Roy Berntsen
📱(516) 791-3983
📧 Nordenlodge407@gmail.com